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Imperfection as the new perfection

We are all perfect human beings.

Last year, I made another trip to India and this time I spent one month in an Ashram doing a therapeutic teacher training. During one of our silent days, it struck me that nothing was perfect in this place, only 2 washing machines for 50 or more people, power cuts, paint falling off the walls, rust, dust, bugs, but at the end of the day, I was having probably the best time of my life in the middle of imperfection and some kind of chaos from a Westerner’s point of view.

Our perception of India is very chaotic, dirty, smelly and disorganized because we have created a “perfect world” in the West. Our concept of happiness has to meet perfection. We want green well-designed lawns, gorgeous perfect people on billboards, squeaky clean environments and so on and so on.

The same thing happens when it comes to doing yoga. All you see on social media and yoga brand advertisement is the perfect Cirque du Soleil contortionist pose.

Where is simplicity, where is authenticity, why don’t we back up a little and say:

“I am not perfect and I like it”

“Look at me with all my imperfections”

Nothing compares to the beauty and perfection of each human body and mind, we are a miracle of Nature, all of us on this planet, perfection exists within ourselves the rest is conversation.


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