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A patchwork of the Yin and the Yang!

A lot of people know that the life of the Mariette couple has been busy, hectic, fast-paced, tumultuous, full of travels. They have come across amazing people, have thousands of incredible even sometimes hard to believe stories to tell…

A lot of you also know that Bernard has always come up with thousands of ideas a minute, that he has dedicated his life to working, to research, to innovation and to creativity always being ahead of his time which sometimes can also be an impingement.

A lot of you also know that I have so many stories to tell, subjects to pound on, and ideas I particularly enjoy talking about…

For so many years, my friends have asked me to write a book about my 20 so years with Bernard. I love the idea but I much prefer the concept of feeding you a little every now and then…

SO!!! The coming blog will be a patchwork of the Yin and the Yang, and also a platform for all the amazing people that we have been privileged enough to meet and to get to know.

And above all, we also want YOU to express yourself on our coming platform.


The Mariettes


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